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Mercenary Riot Guard

Name: Mercenary Riot Guard
MSFN Score: 71.67
Grade: Mediocre
Where to Farm?: Blitz Store
MSFN Thoughts: Mercenary Riot Guard and the rest of the Mercenary characters recently got upgraded when Taskmaster became available in Marvel Strike Force. The Mercenary team is beastly on War Defense and can be used in the Payday Event. Mercenary Riot Guard should be one of the core members on your Mercenary team as he provides protection and positive status effects.

Tags: Villain, City, Skill, Protector, Mercenary, Minion, Covert
In Game Bio: A tough fighter who draws fire and reduces incoming damage.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityCombat Pistol
Attack primary target for 340% damage.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityRampart
Gain Taunt for 1 Turn. Gain Defense Up on self for 3 Turns. Apply Defense Up to 4 most injured allies for 1 Turn.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate Ability
Passive AbilityRiot Suppression
Gain +25% Block Chance. Gain +25% Block amount
On Turn, apply +1 Deflect, up to a maximum of 4, to adjacent allies.
Gain +10% Block Chance per MERCENARY ally.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Mercenary Image 3
Marvel Strike Force News – Mercenary

Marvel Character Bio:

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