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Name: X-Force
Strengths: Blitz, War Offense
Events Eligibility: N/A
Farming Recommendation: Mid TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Cable | Deadpool | Domino | Negasonic Teenage Warhead | X-23
Wanted Characters: Cannonball | Warpath | Boom-Boom | That guy with no powers in Deadpool 2 (Epic Mustache)

MSFN Thoughts: X-Force is the latest team to come out in Marvel Strike Force. Full of weird and fascinating characters, X-Force is designed to be a War Offense team. I have yet to test the team out together as of writing this so I am reserving judgement for now.

Marvel Strike Force News X Force Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – X-Force

Marvel Team Bio:

Once the mutant soldier from the potential Cable television traveled for the present to aim to modify his apocalyptic time, he got the brand new Mutants under his wing and restructured them as By-Power, a mutant attack team that could have a more proactive position against dangers to mutantkind. Originally consisting of the rocket-propelled Cannonball, the plasma-generating Boom-Boom, the super-strong Warpath, the gladiator warrior Shatterstar, the cat-like Feral, and the mercenary Domino, X-Force initially fought the Mutant Liberation Front (M.L.F.) and their leader, the armored despot Stryfe, a clone of Cable. This brought them to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander G.W. Bridge, a former ally of Cable’s who became determined to take X-Force down. To that end, the Canadian government’s Department K put at Bridge’s disposal the Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. super-team consisting of the cyborg Kane, the savage Yeti, the battle-suited Tigerstryke, the super-strong mercenary Grizzly, and the earthquake-generating former New Mutant Rictor.

By-Push following teamed with Spider-Guy and Siryn in order to avoid a terrorist bombing by Dark Tom and also the Juggernaut, after which Siryn joined up with the team. Subsequently they defeated a short-lived alliance between the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Masque’s Morlocks which was followed by the revelation that Domino had been replaced by the shape-shifting mutant Copycat, that latter of whom had infiltrated the team at the behest of arms dealer Tolliver who was keeping the true Domino prisoner. After an attack by Weapon: P.R.I.M.E., Cable and X-Force were separated. With Cable out of the picture, Rictor rejoined his old friends who absconded in a captured S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle. Meanwhile, Cable took the fight to Tolliver, defeating the mercenary Deadpool and rescuing Domino while X-Force rescued another former New Mutant teammate, Sunspot, from the External Gideon.

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