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Name: Spider Verse
Strengths: Blitz
Events Eligibility: Princess and the Symbiote
Farming Recommendation: Low TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Carnage | Spider-Man | Spider-Man (Miles) | Symbiote Spider-Man | Venom
Wanted Characters: Iron Spider (Amadeus Cho) | Spider-Gwen

MSFN Thoughts: The Spider Verse is full of entertaining characters in Marvel Strike Force. Yes, I know I didn’t include the Sinister Six characters, even though they are Spider Verse tagged. Currently, Symbiote Spider-Man, Carnage, and Venom have formed a super trio and are very formidable, even on their own. Spider-Man and Miles are a bit on the weaker side (unless the AI is using them with an insane dodge chance). I am guessing we will be getting a couple more symbiotes in the future, that will leave Peter and Miles homeless or on the Hero Brawler team until maybe Iron Spider or Spider-Gwen are introduced.

Marvel Strike Force News Spider Verse Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Spider Verse

Marvel Team Bio:

Simply speaking, the Spider-Verse is form of a free name for all of the distinct Spider-Gentlemen and Spider-Women from all of the different alternative universes in Wonder. At various points over the last several years, multiple universes’ versions of Spider-Man have met, fought together, and sometimes died in battle, pretty much all of which occurred in the Spider-Verse story arc of the comic series The Amazing Spider-Man.

Peter Parker came from probably the most famous world where just about each of the major tales have happened since Marvel comics began (generally known as World-616). Meanwhile Miles Morales came from the Marvel Ultimate universe but came to Earth-616 not long after being introduced. The Spider-Woman version of Gwen Stacy comes from a third universe, Earth-65, where Gwen gets bit by a radioactive spider instead of Peter.

The Spider-Verse narrative arc through the comics included each model of Spidey containing ever existed and then some. There was a future version of Spider-Man, Cyborg Spider-Man, Animated Spider-Man, Vampire Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, and an anthropomorphic pig named Peter Porker, a.k.a. Spider-Ham.

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