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Name: Marauders
Strengths: Blitz, War Defense
Events Eligibility: N/A
Farming Recommendation: High TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Mister Sinister | Mystique | Sabretooth | Stryfe
Wanted Characters: Exodus | Gambit | Lady Mastermind | Riptide

MSFN Thoughts: The Marauders are a good team in Marvel Strike Force if used right. Although there isn’t currently a fifth member, you can plug many current characters into that slot. I’m currently using them on War Defense with Ultron as the fifth. The team is centered around Mister Sinister, so the higher you have him, the better.

Marvel Strike Force News Marauders Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Marauders

Marvel Team Bio:

The Marauders are a small band of super powered bad guys operating regarding the activities from your villain Mister Frightening. Sinister possessed long dedicated his existence to study regarding genetic makeup and mutations particularly. Knowing of the presence of an below the ground local community referred to as the Morlocks, Scary decided that their existence was diminishing and diluting the hereditary gene pool area. To treat this, he made Gambit, a crook that due Scary a favor for rebuilding equilibrium to his formative mutant abilities, to form a group of mercenaries in to a crew of Marauders that could work for him.

At one of the Marauders’ first recognized activities, depending on Sinister’s fascination with the genetic lineage in the mutants Cyclops and Phoenix arizona, several individuals the group hunted Cyclops’ spouse Madelyne Pryor-Summer months and little one Nathan, eliminating Pryor and kidnapping the child.

Gambit soon directed the Marauders in the Morlocks’ tunnels, whereupon the mercenaries began a methodical massacre of the human population. Unaware of the Marauders’ true intent, Gambit tried to stop them, but was only able to save a Morlock girl (the mutant known as Marrow) before escaping. The Marauders were confronted by the Morlocks’ allies, the hero team X-Men, along with other heroes such as Thor and Power Pack. Ultimately, the X-Men and the heroes stopped the massacre, but not before significant causalities were sustained by both sides.

Later on, one more Marauder, Malice, tried out thing of the X-Males ally, Dazzler, but was conquered by Dazzler’s friends in the X-Guys. The Marauders went on to attack the X-Men’s associate Polaris. Sinister had decided, unbeknownst to Malice, that the mutant would make a genetic match with Malice and allow the two to become permanently bonded. It seemed that Polaris had managed to single-handedly and ruthlessly defeat the team, but in fact it was Malice who had taken possession of Polaris and declared herself leader of the Marauders. Malice, in Polaris’ body, led the Marauders on several missions, including a failed attempt to capture Madelyne Pryor, who reappeared in California and would be rescued by the X-Men.

Any time a demon invasion happened The Large Apple company, Malice/Polaris delivered a Marauder intrusion inside the hero teams X-People and By-Factor. Several Marauders who were believed to have died in previous battles had reappeared. The heroes defeated the Marauders, many of whom were killed during the battle, but Malice and Sabretooth escaped. (Both of whom would never regroup with the Marauders since then.) Months later, when investigating Sinister’s facilities, the X-Men discovered that Sinister had kept genetic information of the mercenaries in order to create clones of them. Some of the clones were released, but the X-Men defeated them and they died.

Using the genetic information readily accessible, Sinister triggered many Marauders yet again, now to chase the mutant Threnody who has been escaping her indentured servitude to Sinister. They were confronted by Nate Grey, the X-Man, and in the course of the battle, most of the Marauders were killed. The remaining member, Riptide, was sent back with implanted memories that Threnody was killed as well. Nevertheless, more Marauders later returned, and Threnody agreed to return to Sinister.

Various Marauders have reappeared ever since then. For example, Sinister disguised several Marauders as agents of the villain Apocalypse in order to try to trick the hero Cable into forming an alliance with him. Another time, Gambit needed to invade another of Sinister’s bases, and Scalp hunter revealed that all cloned Marauders were genetically programmed to never turn against Sinister on penalty of death. Gambit turned instead to Sabretooth, who was never cloned, and the two invaded Sinister’s base after facing several Marauders as guards. Presumably, as long as Mister Sinister remains active, he will always have at hand a cloned army of Marauders in some capacity.

Fairly recently, the Marauders signed up with causes with the Acolytes, to eliminate the By-Guys and use the Mutant Child. Several members died, in the process (some members were devoured by Predator X).

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