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Name: Kree
Strengths: Blitz, War Defense
Events Eligibility: Chasing Fury
Farming Recommendation: Mid TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Captain Marvel | Korath the Pursuer | Kree Cyborg | Kree Noble | Kree Oracle | Kree Reaper | Kree Royal Guard | Minn-Erva | Ronan the Accuser | Ultimus
Wanted Characters: Supreme Intelligence | Captain Atlas | Wraith | Phyla-Vell | Shatterax

MSFN Thoughts: There are quite a few Kree tagged characters in Marvel Strike Force. Five of which are featured characters and five minion characters. The five minions are useful, as they are required to unlock the legendary character Nick Fury in the Chasing Fury event. Captain Marvel and Minn-Erva are two of the best characters in the game. Korath is useful on a Mercenary team. Ronan, along with four minions is a formidable team as well. The wild card is Ultimus, as you won’t get any use out of him until you beat Dark Dimension III to get red stars on him.

Marvel Strike Force News Kree Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Kree

Marvel Team Bio:

The Kree had been an evolutionary stagnant rivalry. It was because of a single an affiliate the Kree race attempting to gain control of The Crystal of Best Vision.[19] This unnamed Kree located the crystal, but attempt to use it to get similar to a god, with abilities by those of the Phoenix, az Power. As penalty, the crystal “genetically froze their advancement set up” permitting the rest of design to move them by. In an attempt to additional their advancement, some Kree bred with some other varieties, making the ‘pink-skinned’ Kree, who definitely are related in looks to Caucasian human beings. These pinks (also referred to as ‘whites’) eventually outnumbered the light blue-skin Kree, but have been far from recognized among their brethren a lot of pink Kree have been exiled from the home world and put into forced labor camps on barren moons by their blue skinned cousins as a result of prejudice & racism.[20] The Kree benefit whatever they take into account to become their hereditary purity, to this kind of extent that reproduction outside the types is really a rigid taboo. From the Kree empire, it is actually a crime for any masculine non-Kree to impregnate any Kree.

The Kree competition has generated individual awesome-humanoid creatures, through all-natural mutation, genetic engineering, or cyborg technology, which includes Captain Mar-Vell, Ronan the Accuser, Ultimus, Shatterax, Korath, as well as others.

The Superior Intellect attempted to jumpstart the evolutionary procedure for the Kree. Through a series of events discussed below during Operation: Galactic Storm and the Destiny War, it arranged for a large number of its people to be irradiated with a Nega-Bomb (killing 90% of the Kree), and then artificially sped up their evolution by means of an artifact called the Forever Crystal.

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