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Name: Inhumans
Strengths: Arena, Blitz, War Offense
Events Eligibility: Black & Ebony
Farming Recommendation: High TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Black Bolt | Crystal | Karnak | Ms. Marvel | Quake | Yo-Yo
Wanted Characters: Medusa | Gorgon | Lockjaw

MSFN Thoughts: The Inhumans are in my opinion, currently a top three team in Marvel Strike Force. Although mainly related to Black Bolt being on the team, Crystal and Yo-Yo bring a lot of survivability to the table so that Black Bolt can just rekt stuff. It is quite a journey to be able to unlock Black Bolt as you will have to have all the Asgardians at five gold stars or more which can take a while to farm. Inhumans are definitely recommended for more end game players due to this. On the plus side, you can use the Inhumans to unlock Ebony Maw in the Black and Ebony Event.

Marvel Strike Force News Inhumans Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Inhumans

Marvel Team Bio:

Twenty-five thousand yrs ago, an alien Kree patrol ship within the Solar energy Process shot down a ship manned by Eternals, a individual subspecies made on Earth by the Celestials. Kree scientists studied the remains of one Eternal, Arlok, and were fascinated by his superhuman powers. Realizing that Earth beings possessed unique genetic potential, the Kree sent a scientific party to Earth to perform experiments upon humans with the intention to create an army of superhumans for themselves. Their creations possessed enhanced strength and long lifespans. However, the Kree ultimately abandoned their work on Earth for unknown reasons, and the Inhumans developed into a distinct society.

The Inhumans, brought by King Myran, settled from the city of Attilan, situated in the North Atlantic Seas just off the isle country of Atlantis, and have become one of the most superior countries on the planet. When the Great Cataclysm destroyed Atlantis, Attilan endured and became legendary amongst humanity. They surrounded their city with a protective dome, subtly altering its internal environment, and began referring to Attilan as the Great Refuge. Not long after the Cataclysm, the geneticist Randac discovered the Terrigen mist, a gaseous mutagenic substance created by the exposure of rare Terrigen crystals to precise combinations of heat and vapor. These crystals appeared to only be found in a cavern beneath Attilan.

Randac subjected himself for the Terrigen mist, unleashing the superhuman possible the Kree got remaining in his people’s DNA. A Sentry robot left behind by the Kree examined the mutated Randac and judged that the Inhumans had achieved what the Kree had hoped for. However, the Sentry also warned them that they and the Kree might also become enemies.

Randac had become the new ruler of your Inhumans and set up the Family genes Council, a 12-fellow member body of internally chosen Inhumans who carry life-time roles as Attilan’s supreme courtroom, chaired from the Inhumans’ ruler. Randac made the Terrigen mist available to all the people of Attilan, and they were astonished by its effects. But not all Inhumans had genes fit for Terrigenesis, and many transformed into mentally damaged “monstrosities” upon exposure. Genetic screening was developed to detect those Inhumans unsuitable for Terrigenesis; the interface for the computing system that manages this became known as the Sacred Helix of Randac. The Genetics Council began mapping the Inhumans’ lineages, prescribing marriages for Attilan’s citizens on the basis of the probable quality of an offspring’s genetic makeup. Those with the best genes were awarded superior positions in society. In modern times, Terrigenesis is treated as a rite of passage for young Inhumans, only performed when a certain age is reached.

Over a century back, Genetic makeup Authority head Agon became acknowledged among the finest rulers in Attilan’s historical past. Agon convinced his wife Rynda to subject herself to Terrigenesis while she was pregnant. Their first son, Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt), became the mightiest of all Inhumans. From birth, he possessed a voice powerful enough to shatter mountains. Black Bolt was raised in solitude and taught to control his powers. Later, he was betrothed to his cousin Medusa, who was believed to be an ideal genetic match. Despite Black Bolt’s problems, Agon convinced his relatives to expose the children of the royal family to the mists as infants, which led to a generation of royal offspring (Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus, Triton, Gorgon, Crystal, and Karnak) who all possessed fantastic abilities.

Although determined from a hereditary monarchy, true energy is using the Genetic Council who control the Terrigen mists and determine who may marry or have children. Lost tribes of Inhumans have hidden amongst the ordinary humanity for millennia and became heroes and villains such as Ransack the Reject, Daisy Johnson, and the animalistic hero known as Yeti.

Pursuing Thanos’s intrusion of The planet, Black color Bolt introduced Terrigen in to the Earth’s ambiance, causing uncountable transformations among the ones from the human population with latent Inhuman genes. These new super-beings were termed NuHumans. The mists also had an unexpected and tragic side-effect: anyone with the mutant X-gene was susceptible to toxic shock from Terrigen exposure. As NuHumans proliferated, mutants all over Earth began to die.

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