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Guardians of the Galaxy

Name: Guardians of the Galaxy
Strengths: Blitz, War Defense
Events Eligibility: Space Ace
Farming Recommendation: Low TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Drax | Gamora | Groot | Mantis | Rocket Raccoon | Star-Lord
Wanted Characters: Adam Warlock | Nebula (in game but should get tag) | Yondu (in game but should get tag)

MSFN Thoughts: The Guardians of the Galaxy characters have given me a lot of burn in Marvel Strike Force. I mainly used them while I was a mid game player. Once you have the Defenders and Sinister Six teams going, I would recommend farming the Guardians of the Galaxy team. You can use them to unlock Star-Lord in the Space Ace Event. They do very well in Raids, up to Ultimus VI and the first two Dark Dimensions when paired with Minn-Erva. I would like to ask Foxnext to please tag Nebula and Yondu with a Guardian tag and give them some team synergy so they are not useless in the game.

Marvel Strike Force News Guardians of the Galaxy Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Team Bio:

When Annihilus unleashed his Unfavorable Region-born wave of passing away and destruction in the Cosmic Universe, dozens of characters withstood as much as end him which include Drax, Gamora, Legend-Lord, Nova, and others. After that conflict came to an end, Ultron deployed his own plan on the cosmos. Not willing to let a third major conflict tear the galaxies apart, Star-Lord put together a team of those space heroes to prevent threats from getting out of hand, officially forming the Guardians of the Galaxy. These days, they spend more time pulling jobs for cash but still find themselves at the center of plenty of intergalactic shenanigans.

Whether they’re actually protecting the galaxy or attempting to get all they are able to out of it, this squad tends to make opponents easily. Their first real mission brings them into the crosshairs of the Universe Church of Truth, which leads to the return of Adam Magus, an evil version of Adam Warlock.

Thanos shows up on their own radar, rather than just because Drax was made to destroy him or Gamora has been seeking to do the exact same thing for many of her life. The rest of the team firmly opposes his views on killing every living thing in the universe.

The Guardians also work afoul of Emperor J’Son of Spartax, referred to as Peter Quill’s biological father. After being dethroned because of his son’s actions, J’Son turned himself into Mister Knife and threatened all of existence by trying to steal the Black Vortex.

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