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Name: Asgardians
Strengths: Blitz, War Defense
Events Eligibility: Unite the Kingdoms
Farming Recommendation: Mid TCP (Total Collection Power) Players

Characters: Heimdall | Hela | Loki | Sif (Lady Sif) | Thor (Thor Odinson)
Wanted Characters: Odin | Valkyrie | Enchantress | Destroyer

MSFN Thoughts: The Asgardians are currently one of the best teams in Marvel Strike Force. They are a top War defense team and can easily handle other game modes such as Blitz and some Raids. While best to use as a team, you can plug and play some of their members like Hela and Loki in theory crafting teams. I recommend investing resources and taking each Asgardian up to seven gold stars as soon as possible as you will need them to unlock the legendary Black Bolt character in the Unite the Kingdoms Event.

Marvel Strike Force News Asgardians Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Asgardians

Marvel Team Bio:

Asgard is a tiny, planetary system that can serve as home to the Asgardians, a competition of beings recognized on the planet by human beings since the deities in their Norse mythology, such as Thor and Odin. It is not round like the Earth, does not spin on its axis, and does not revolve around a star. It is a flat, asteroid-like mass that has a top surface with a gravitational pull, similar to that of the Earth, in order to keep the citizens and their cities from floating into the void.

There are organic nexus portals which exist on Asgard, because of deposit of your wormhole-vulnerable, crystal-like supplies utilized in the making of the Bifrost Connection, and those portals are in primary contact with the beginnings of Yggdrasil, shrub-like, a cosmic grid that connects the Nine Realms. Heimdall operates and safeguards the Bifrost Bridge from Himinbjorg. Separately, the Asgardian government operates through a strict monarchy which separates the royal family from regular Asgardians.

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