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Thanos (Empowered Thanos)

Name: Thanos (Empowered Thanos)
MSFN Score: 92.50
Grade: Superb
Where to Farm?: The Nexus 8-9
MSFN Thoughts: Thanos has recently gotten a rework and his own team, the Black Order in Marvel Strike Force. When on a team with all four Black Order characters, Thanos becomes empowered and the team in near impossible to beat straight up. If you don’t have all the Black Order characters unlocked, that’s okay too. Thanos works well on teams like Best Kree Team (BKT). His passive ability Titan Eternal is one of my favorite in the game, as he feeds constant energy to cosmic characters that are adjacent to him. In Raids, you can for example place Black Bolt and Invisible Woman next to him and feed them constant energy. He works as a meat shield and can also heal himself with his ultimate Energy Bomb. Have always used Thanos in my main rotation in all game modes for as long as I can remember.

Tags: Villain, Cosmic, Mystic, Protector, Eternal
In Game Bio: A Titan Eternal who delivers crushing blows that drain his foes and taunt his enemies.

Character AbilitiesThanos
Basic AbilityPower Punch
Attack primary target for 200% damage + gain Counter.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityBrutal Assault
Attack primary target for 350% damage + apply Offense Down. Gain Taunt for 2 turns.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityEnergy Bomb
Attack all targets for 260% damage + 100% Drain.
This attack cannot miss.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityTitan Eternal
On Turn, if this character has all 6 Infinity Stones, become Empowered.
Gain +1,000% Extra Resistance while Taunting.
On Death of an enemy, generate 2 Ability Energy for self or any adjacent COSMIC ally.
Level Required: 64
Character AbilitiesEmpowered Thanos
Basic AbilityInfinity Blast
Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Bleed. Attack all adjacent targets for 240% damage + apply Bleed. Gain Counter.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityTime Shift
Flip all negative effects to positive effects for all allies.
Flip all positive effects to negative effects for all enemies. Apply Taunt to an ally Cull Obsidian for 2 turns.
This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be Blocked.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityCelestial Barrage
Attack all targets for 200% Piercing + 100% Drain. Repeat this attack 2 additional times.
Reduce Speed Bar of all enemies by -20%.
This attack cannot miss.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityUltimate Power
If this characters’s Health is full at the start of a match; the first time this character or a BLACK ORDER ally drops below 50% Health, fill Speed Bar by 50% and apply Regeneration to self and all BLACK ORDER allies.
Gain +100% Extra Resistance.
Lower Damage and Armor by -10% for all enemies.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Thanos Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Thanos

Marvel Character Bio:

He or she is maybe the most evil, bloodthirsty, and effective villain inside the universe—so potent that religious sects have worshipped him as being a god. His enemies include nearly every Super Hero in existence. He is obsessed with Goddess Death and has waged genocidal campaigns in an attempt to placate her. Most famously, he has attempted to conquer the universe by wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. He is the Mad Titan.

Thanos is immensely powerful and resistant against injuries, invulnerable to just about all sorts of poison, sickness, and telepathic assault. He also has incredible psychic abilities; he can sense things several star systems away. He can also possess the bodies of others—but he simply uses others as shells, channeling his power through a victim until his mind exhausts the host and kills them. Foregoing food and drink, he subsists entirely on cosmic energy.

Perhaps Thanos’ greatest capacity is his capacity to increase from the dead. He can accomplish this by sacrificing others so he can live again or by biding his time in death, recharging his inner strength, so as to return more powerful and terrible than he was before.

Thanks to his affinity for the Goddess Dying, Thanos also promises he is able to move his followers’ souls from a body to a different and management what kind their next existence will take when they perish. The Goddess also once granted him a techno-mystic chair, which allowed him instant transport across the universe.

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