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Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Name: Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
MSFN Score: 76.67
Grade: Fair
Where to Farm?: Blitz Store
MSFN Thoughts: Miles Morales leaves a little to be desired in terms of damage in Marvel Strike Force. His kit is pretty good, just missing that oomph to it. His ultimate ability web blast is super annoying to

Tags: Hero, City, Bio, Brawler, SpiderVerse
In Game Bio: Miles Morales controls the field with web blasts and electrical shocks that prolong negative effects and apply Disrupted.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityQuick Strike
Attack primary target for 280% damage. If the target has Defense Down, clear 3 positive effect.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityVenom Shock
Attack primary target for 300% damage + reduce Speed Bar by -50%. Apply Slow for 2 turns + prolong all negative effects by 1. Gain Stealth.
This attack cannot be blocked.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityWeb Blast
Attack all enemies for 260% damage. Apply Disrupted to the primary target for 2 turns. Apply Disrupted to 2 additional target.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityUltimate Spidey
On Spawn, gain Stealth. On Turn, apply Defense Down to a random target. If that target already had Defense Down, gain Offense Up instead. This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.
During Stealth, +50% Dodge Chance.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Spider-Man Miles Morales Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Marvel Character Bio:

In an alternate reality, Miles Morales follows in the footsteps of the slain Peter Parker to become the masked Super Hero known as Spider-Man.

Splitting his time between battling crime and controlling his adolescent individual existence, Morales needs to cover his personal identity from his mother and father, but confides within his good friend Ganke as well as other honest individuals the Awesome Hero neighborhood.

Where unique Spider-Man resided by his Grandfather Ben’s maxim, “With great potential is available wonderful duty,” A long way Morales adds the addendum, “What would Peter Parker do? “

A long way boasts very similar spider-dependent abilities as Peter Parker he has the proportionate strength, speed, vigor, sturdiness, and reflexes of the spider. He can lift up to ten tons, leap several stories, move much faster than the average human, and is generally more resistant to injury or fatigue than normal people. He is also able to stick to walls by his fingertips and feet, enabling him to crawl along surfaces and buildings. Thanks to his spider-sense, he can perceive dangers around him before he can see or hear them.

Nonetheless, unlike Peter Parker, he also has biography-electrokenisis capabilities, such as the capability to stun opponents using a “venom blast” and hide into his surroundings.

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