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Name: Shuri
MSFN Score: 95.83
Grade: Essential
Where to Farm?: Princess and the Symbiote Event
MSFN Thoughts: Shuri is an awesome support character in Marvel Strike Force. She is a legendary unlock, and will take some planning in order to unlock her in the Princess and the Symbiote Event. Shuri is what I like to call a stand alone character in which, she doesn’t require her team in order to be elite. You can plug her on any team. She can excel in any game mode, with Raids being her strongest mode.

Tags: Hero, Global, Tech, Support, Wakanda
In Game Bio: A scientific genius who uses her Vibranium-powered tech to heal those in need and power up her fellow Wakandans.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityVibranium Gauntlets
Attack primary target and all adjacent targets for 200% damage. Apply Heal Block to primary target for 2 turns.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityInstant Upgrade
Apply Defense Up to self and all allies for 2 turns.
Apply +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5, to self and all WAKANDAN allies.
Generate Ability Energy for 2 random allies. Generate Ability Energy for 1 random WAKANDAN ally.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityKimoyo Healing
Heal the most injured ally for 500 Health + 15% of this character’s Max Health. If that ally is WAKANDAN, clear 1 negative effect.
Then, repeat the above 4 additional times.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityWakanda Forever
On Spawn, apply Speed Up to self and all WAKANDAN allies.
On Turn, heal the most injured ally for 10% of this character’s Max Health. While in Charged, heal an additional most injured ally for 10% of this character’s Max Health and lose 1 Charged.
On Defense Up, generate Ability Energy for self.
In RAIDS, self and all WAKANDAN allies gain +40% Max Health. In RAIDS, self and all WAKANDAN allies gain +20% Armor.
In RAIDS, when self or any ally drops below 50% Max Health, gain 3 Deflect.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Shuri Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Shuri

Marvel Character Bio:

The little girl of T’Chaka and half sister of T’Challa, Shuri expended most of her daily life living in the shadows of males. However, after working to stop an invasion of Wakanda and helping her brother recover after Doctor Doom nearly killed him, Shuri stepped into the spotlight and became the Black Panther herself.

Naturally intelligent, powerful, and brave, Shuri does not have any very human expertise, even though she helps to keep herself at peak actual physical amounts.

As Black Panther, she ingests the center-formed herbal that increases her power, feelings, and skills, as well as wearing a Vibranium-laced outfit. After returning from the Djalia, she has a deeper cultural memory, can seemingly control crows, and also turn her skin statue-like.

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