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Shocker (Herman Schultz)

Name: Shocker (Herman Schultz)
MSFN Score: 66.67
Grade: Mediocre
Where to Farm?: Cosmic Conflicts 1-9
MSFN Thoughts: The Shocker is a not so good character who you should farm and put mats into. While not good on his own or in end game content, he is apart of the Sinister Six team and thus, can be used to unlock legendary characters in Shuri and Invisible Woman. It is recommended to only level and gear him as far as need be to be strong enough to complete the two legendary events.

Tags: Villain, City, Tech, Blaster, SpiderVerse, SinisterSix
In Game Bio: Shocker uses his Tech sonic bursts to damage entire teams and strengthen his Sinister Six allies.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityConcussion Bolt
Attack primary target for 280% Piercing. On target Dodge, apply Assist Now to a random SINISTER SIX ally.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilitySonic Dissonance
Generate 1 Ability Energy for self.
Apply Offense Up to self for 2 turns.
Apply Offense Up to all SINISTER SIX allies.
Fill Speed Bar by 80%.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilitySubsonic Blast
Attack primary and all adjacent targets for 120% Piercing.
Repeat attack using a new primary target randomly chosen from the previous secondary targets.
Repeat attack a third time using a new primary target randomly chosen from the previous secondary targets.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityVibro-Shock
Gain 20% Armor. Gain +5% Armor per SINISTER SIX ally.
Gain 20% Damage. Gain +5% Damage per CITY HERO enemy.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Shocker Herman Schultz Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Shocker (Herman Schultz)

Marvel Character Bio:

Similar to a poor penny, New York? s most shocking crook-for-hire, the Shocker, always seems to turn up. With an ear out for any and every criminal scheme that might turn a profit, the Shocker has been a constant thorn in the side of Spider-Man and other Big Apple-based Super Heroes for a long, long time. Greed drives this engineer-turned-outlaw, and with the help of his vibro-shock gloves, he is the bane of banks and armor cars throughout the five boroughs.

Shocker can be a blessed professional and inventor? innovative when it comes to any tech that can help him achieve his goal of running off with massive amounts of loot. His trademark vibro-gloves, which can be activated with thumb switches on each hand when he makes a fist, emit a series of high-pressure air blasts that deliver a powerful vibrating concussive force. With them, he can unleash vibrational punches that can crumble structures, break into safes, stop vehicles, fell foes, and generally cause chaos and destruction all around him.

Shocker’s suit is specially padded and protected so that Schultz himself isn’t harmed by the potentially lethal power of the vibro-units. The suit can also shake off Spider-Man? s webbing. Over the years, Shocker switches up his gadgetry a few times, sometimes putting the vibro-power in the suit itself, sometimes in his boots, even once in the back of his costume so that a vibration blast could stop sneak attacks.

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