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Quake (Daisy Johnson)

Name: Quake (Daisy Johnson)
MSFN Score: 75.00
Grade: Fair
Where to Farm?: Arena Store
MSFN Thoughts: One of the original best characters in the game, Quake has fallen off quite a bit in Marvel Strike Force. I got a lot of use out of Quake when the game was still in it’s newer stages. Once the game started to focus more on team synergy, Quake quickly became unusable and was shelved for a long time. Thankfully, the Inhuman team was recently introduced, which gave us a home to place Quake in. Quake is a decent character in Marvel Strike Force and I recommend her only if you are building an Inhuman team which means, stay away newer players.

Tags: Hero, Global, Bio, Controller, Shield, Inhuman, Covert
In Game Bio: A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who disrupts the enemy team by weakening groups of foes and removing their advantages.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilitySeismic Blast
Attack primary target and adjacent targets for 150% damage. Apply Slow to primary target and adjacent targets for 2 turns.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityShockwave
Attack primary target for 210% damage + clear 2 positive effects. 40% chance to Chain up to 2 targets for 160% damage + clear 2 positive effects.
Counterattack breaks this Chain. If Coulson or Yo-Yo is an ally, apply Slow to primary target and secondary targets.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityEarthquake
Attack all enemies for 320% damage. Apply Offense Down on 5 enemies for 1 turn.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilitySecret Warrior
Gain +20% Extra Focus. S.H.I.E.L.D. allies gain +5% damage. INHUMAN allies gain +5% Extra Focus.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Quake Daisy Johnson Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Quake (Daisy Johnson)

Marvel Character Bio:

When illegal scientist Calvin Zabo experimented on himself he inadvertently altered his very own hereditary make-up and handed down irregular characteristics to his illegitimate daughter, Daisy Johnson. After being given up for adoption by her birth mother, Johnson grew up a troubled yet highly intelligent youth and eventually dropped out of high school to fend for herself on the streets. During one incident of stealing, she exhibited the ability to create earthquake-like vibrations when she became angry and anxious.

Nick Rage, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., seen Johnson and assured her admittance in to the spy business so he could check her development being an professional. The young woman excelled at the challenge and swiftly rose in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ranks to take on an important role as one of Fury’s most trusted operatives.

During this period, she honed her abilities to a good standard of manage and discovered that her father’s testing stimulated already current Inhuman genes within her, gifting her along with her earth quake capability. This power has also earned her the infrequently used codename “Quake.”

Johnson has the ability to create enormous vibratory surf of power that cause earth quake-like results, augmented by special gauntlets she would wear. She has fine-tuned this ability to be able to impact very small areas as well as large ones, and remains largely immune to the effect herself. Beyond her powers, she is a skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with extensive training and experience in personal combat, weapons, and covert operations.


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