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Minn-Erva (Doctor Minerva)

Name: Minn-Erva (Doctor Minerva)
MSFN Score: 97.50
Grade: Essential
Where to Farm?: Premium Orb
MSFN Thoughts: I have been through a lot of battles with Minn-Erva over my time in Marvel Strike Force. Easily, one of the best characters in the game. She’s amazing on a Kree team or as a plug and play character. At one point, the players of Marvel Strike Force named a team after her, called “Best Kree Team” or BKT for short. It was a joke as Minn-Erva was the only Kree member on the team along with Star Lord, Rocket, Thanos, and Groot. The only draw back to Minn-Erva is that she is only available in the Premium Orbs or by purchasing offers. This makes her hard to obtain and difficult to gain gold stars. One cool thing about Minn-Erva is she doesn’t require any T4 upgrades!

Tags: Villain, Cosmic, Support, Tech, Kree, Covert
In Game Bio: A brilliant Kree geneticist that uses her mastery of biology to weaken foes and replenish her allies.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityBio-Weapon
Attack primary target for 200% damage + apply Bleed.
Apply Regeneration to the most injured non-summoned ally.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityGenetic Reconstruction
Heal most injured ally for 5000 Health + 15% of this character’s Max Health.
Generate Ability Energy to a random KREE ally.
Revive dead ally with 40% Max Health + apply 2 Deathproof.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityMass Phlebotomy
Steal 15% Health from all enemies and redistribute to all allies. All allies receive an additional 5000 Health. This bypasses Heal Block.
Always apply Regeneration for 2 turns to all allies.
Always apply Bleed for 2 turns to all enemies.
Apply Deflect to all KREE allies.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityKree Nanotech
On ally Death, fill Speed Bar by 25%.
On enemy Death, heal the most injured non-summoned ally for 15% of this character’s Max Health. If that ally is KREE, also apply a random positive effect.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Minn-Erva Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Minn-Erva

Marvel Character Bio:

Minn-Erva came into this world in Edelix, on earth Kree-Lar. She became a geneticist and an agent of the Kree Empire. She was stationed on the Kree science cruiser, Ananim. She orbited the Earth in the starship, observing Mar-Vell. She then abducted Rick Jones, and lured Mar-Vell aboard the craft. She revealed to Mar-Vell her theory that the two of them would produce superior offspring capable of advancing the evolutionary potential of the Kree species. She was ordered by the science council head Phae-Dor to abandon her mission, but refused and was neurologically overpowered.

She was rescued in the wrecked scientific research cruiser by Mar-Vell. She later rendezvoused with the Kree scientist Mac-Ronn and docile Ronan the Accuser on a farm in Sullivan County, Texas. Later, she observed Ronan revive and escape custody.

Medical professional Minerva later grew to be partner to Kree Captain Atlas, serving aboard the Kree light cruiser Ramatam. She incognito commissioned A.I.M. to steal Quasar’s quantum-bands. She abducted Quasar and revealed to him how she was transformed by the Psyche-Magnetron. She rendezvoused with Captain Atlas, and tried to remove Quasar’s quantum-bands, but was instead banished from Earth.

Physician Minerva was part of the Kree Starforce through the Kree/Shi’ar war.


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