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Kingpin (Wilson Grant Fisk)

Name: Kingpin (Wilson Grant Fisk)
MSFN Score: 79.17
Grade: Fair
Where to Farm?: The Nexus 7-9
MSFN Thoughts: I’m honestly not quite sure of Kingpin’s place in Marvel Strike Force but I am open for suggestions. I used to place him with Mercenaries, but Taskmaster has been introduced who clearly took the lead for Mercenaries. At the moment, Kingpin is a floater character in my roster which is a shame since he has a pretty good ability kit. I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all are doing with Kingpin in your rosters.

Tags: Villain, City, Skill, Protector
In Game Bio: A demanding crime boss who summons bodyguards and orders allies to attack.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityBatter
Attack primary target for 270% damage. 50% chance to gain an Assist.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityCrime Lord
Summon 2-3 Bodyguards at 340% normal damage and 100% of normal Health. Bodyguard gains Taunt on self when Summoned.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityBoss’s Orders
Apply Defense Up to all allies for 2 turns. Apply Offense Up to 5 allies. 30% chance for Assist from allies (twice as likely to select a VILLAIN or MERCENARY for Assist).
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityMastermind
At the start of each VILLAIN ally’s turn, 25% chance for an ally to gain Team Attack for that turn.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Kingpin Wilson Grant Fisk Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Kingpin (Wilson Grant Fisk)

Marvel Character Bio:

Ruthless, cunning, and vast-bellied, Wilson Fisk may not have awesome abilities like other of his foes, but he has the minds to outsmart them…at least to get a short while.

At the middle of numerous, or even most, wrongdoings perpetrated in New York, Fisk has clashed with heroes, antiheroes, and bad guys as well. He does whatever it takes to maintain his stranglehold on the New York underground—that’s why he’s called the Kingpin.

Most of Fisk’s large is really muscle tissue, not extra fat his massive sizing is similar to that from a sumo wrestler. Wilson Fisk is learned in several types of hand-to-hand combat, and uses his enormous bulk as a means of defense as much as attack. As such, he is able to fight super powered heroes, like Spider-Man, without fear of being seriously harmed or killed.

His huge dimensions and energy despite, Wilson Fisk’s correct power is placed within his skull. As a genius planner and strategist, he is able to control vast amounts of dedicated thugs, henchman (like the Arranger, Big Turk, Blackie, and Blinker), assassins (including Bullseye and Elektra), government officials (like Randolph Cherryh), scientists (Dr. Jonathan Ohm/the Spot), specialists (Alistaire Smythe, the Tinkerer), and a general assortment of petty criminals in order to achieve his nefarious ends. Even Super Villains like the Hobgoblin, Sandman, Typhoid Mary, and Mysterio have been known to pledge loyalty to him. Fisk’s talent for manipulation has duped powerful and well-connected agencies such as the NYPD, the FBI, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

By giving large sums of money to charitable causes, hiring a fracture crew of legal professionals, and selecting to be as hands and wrists-off as possible in the prohibited procedures, they have constructed himself a perfect track record that might avoid the push from ever linking him to just about any chicanery.

As though he wasn’t formidable adequate, he or she is sometimes proven to have a strolling stick that can fire a laserlight pulse powerful sufficient to disintegrate a normal handgun. It, along with his diamond-studded tie, can also spray a concentrated dose of sleeping gas. Fisk has even utilized a Vita-Drain, which is a machine that transfers life force from one person into another, and a brainwashing machine designed by Dr. Gerhard Winkler.


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