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Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Name: Iron Man (Tony Stark)
MSFN Score: 81.67
Grade: Good
Where to Farm?: I am Iron Man Event
MSFN Thoughts: Iron Man is a good character in Marvel Strike Force. Although he’s a legendary character, he’s not quite as good as other legendary characters. His I am Iron Man Event is always available and requires five S.H.I.E.L.D. tagged characters. Iron Man’s place is on the Power Armor team, which is great on War offense and Blitz 8.3. That

Tags: Hero, Global, Tech, Blaster, Wave1Avenger, PowerArmor
In Game Bio: A versatile damage dealer with high armor and low health.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityRepulsor Blast
Attack primary target for 280% damage. 30% chance to Chain to up to 2 adjacent targets for 230% damage.
Counterattack breaks this Chain.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityRocket Barrage
Attack all enemies for 210% Unavoidable damage. If Captain America is your ally, attack all enemies for 250% Unavoidable damage instead.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityUnibeam
Attack primary target for 600% damage.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityStark Upgrades
Gain +15% Extra Crit chance. Apply +15% Extra Crit chance to TECH allies. Apply +10% Extra Crit chance all allies. Gain +5% Damage for each POWER ARMOR ally.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Iron Man Tony Stark Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Marvel Character Bio:

Tony Stark may be the rich boy of industrialist and tools manufacturer Howard Stark and his awesome better half, Maria. Tony grew up a genius with a brilliant mind for technology and inventions and, naturally, followed in his father’s footsteps, inheriting Stark Industries upon his parents’ untimely death. Tony designed many weapons of war for Stark Industries, far beyond what any other company was creating, while living the lifestyle of an irresponsible playboy.

Since that initially go well with internal a cave, Tony has created dozens of new fits and improvements throughout the years. However, throughout the 50-plus Iron Man models, there are common offensive and defense capabilities found in most iterations.

The main weapon covered within every suit, the repulsor sun rays use electricity pulses to get rid of and affect foes and they are generated from the suit’s gauntlets. The suit’s booster jets enable Stark to fly fast enough to break the sound barrier, and maneuver more quickly than any fighter jet.

Iron Man’s head protection provides Tony by using a heads-up show that gives him 360-education eyesight, use of specifics of his environment and adversaries, and the capability to transfer and prevent transmissions along any consistency. The helmet also gives Tony a degree of resistance to EMP and psychic-based attacks.

A tool focused in Metal Man’s upper body, the unibeam can do projecting amazing light, and could also be used as a powerful power beam that is certainly a lot more powerful compared to the repulsor ray.

Every one of Tony’s suits offers a wide selection of telecommunications, which include the ability to jam and transmit on any regularity, and advanced unnatural learning ability effective at piloting Tony to protection should he be made unconscious.

Beyond his all-function suits, Tony has produced specialized armor for certain scenarios. Some notable examples include the Hulkbuster armor (so-named as its size and strength allow Tony to stand toe-to-toe with the Hulk, when needed), along with deep-space, underwater and stealth suits.

One thing present with a lot of Iron Man’s present fulfills is definitely the incorporation of Extremis, an endeavor to re-produce the super-soldier serum with plenty of changes. When using Extremis, Tony can interface with his brain’s repair center, which allows him to rebuild his body from scratch. Essentially, Tony is able to merge his mind, body, and armor in unprecedented ways. He can “armor up” in mere seconds—with armor stored within himself—gains split-second reaction times, and can even generate new internal organs to replace the old. Unfortunately, Extremis is also vulnerable to being hacked, and the Skrulls and other organizations have done just that.


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