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Hand Sorceress

Name: Hand Sorceress
MSFN Score: 55.00
Grade: Bad
Where to Farm?: Heroes Assemble 2-9, The Nexus 3-3
MSFN Thoughts: Hand Sorceress is one of the worst characters in Marvel Strike Force. I do not recommend spending resources on this character unless you’re an end game player and have maxed out most of your roster. There is an event that sometimes comes along called Relic Hunt that requires Hand characters and awards Advanced Basic Catalysts but that’s about all you can do with this character.

Tags: Villain, City, Mystic, Support, Hand, MartialArtist, Minion
In Game Bio: A mystical healer who drains health when attacking.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityChi Strike
Attack primary target for 300% damage + Drain for 20% of base damage.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityBlood Magic
Heal all allies 4200 Health + 15% of this character’s Max Health. Apply Defense Up to all allies.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityN/A
Passive AbilityWay of the Shadow
On turn, 25% chance to gain Stealth for the next 2 turn(s).
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News The Hand Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – The Hand

Marvel Character Bio:

The Hands is actually a ninja get that acts a demon described by participants as being the Beast. The Hand’s attempts to spread its dark influence over the world have led them into battle countless times through the centuries with an order known as the Chaste. One of the Hand’s greatest warriors was Elektra. She had been cast out by the Chaste when it became apparent she was still consumed by grief, hatred, and pain following her father’s murder. To prove her worth to Stick, leader of the Chaste, Elektra planned to infiltrate the Hand and destroy them from within. Instead, she was tricked by the Hand into killing her former sensei. Taking advantage of Elektra’s fragile psyche, the Hand turned her to their dark ways. It was only later that Elektra was able to break free and escape their control.

Many years later, the Hands purchased Put is at Ny City , aiding his older student Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) take care of the short-term reduction in his radar understanding. Members of the Hand readied for an immediate attack. The Hand overwhelmed Stick, who only managed to defeat his attackers when he and Shaft, another member of the Chaste, drew the life essences from the evil ninja. The process, however, killed both Stick and Shaft. The Hand knew they were close to victory over their longtime foes. They stole the body of Elektra, who had been killed by the assassin Bullseye, and took steps to resurrect her. The Hand hoped she would replace the recently slain Kirigi as the order’s greatest warrior. Daredevil, the Black Widow and Stone, the new leader of the Chaste, prevented Elektra from again becoming part of the Hand. Thanks to Daredevil’s efforts, Stone went on to complete Elektra’s resurrection. Since she was now pure of spirit, Elektra was finally allowed to become a member of the Chaste.

Later, the Hand focused on choosing the reincarnation of Stay, understanding that accomplishing this may help them destroy the Chaste completely. Daredevil and Stone fended off the Hand, and the Chaste determined that Baby Karen was the reincarnation of its former leader. The Hand has also observed Elektra, watching from afar to see whether they can bring her back to their side. They have killed anyone who has tried to interfere with their unknown plans for her. Elektra recently thwarted an attempt by the Hand to bring their Beast into the Earthly realm.

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