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Name: Groot
MSFN Score: 81.67
Grade: Good
Where to Farm?: The Nexus 2-9
MSFN Thoughts: Groot is an awesome support character in Marvel Strike Force. He cleanses, revives, buffs, heals, taunts (through Rocket) and hits pretty well with his basic. I used Groot a lot back in Ultimus VI and Dark Dimension I and II. While I don’t use him much anymore aside from my Blitz rotation and War, he is still a good character.

Tags: Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Support, Guardian, GotG
In Game Bio: A resilient healer who defends allies and has a chance to revive. Protective of Rocket Raccoon.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityCrushing Blow
Attack primary target for 340% damage.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityOvergrowth
Gain 2 Deathproof. Apply Deathproof + Defense Up to all allies.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityLife Spores
Heal all allies for 6000 Health + 5% of this character’s Max Health. Clear 2 negative effects from all allies. Apply Immunity to Lowest Health GUARDIAN ally for 2 turns.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityI am Groot
When Groot is attacked, apply Slow to attacker for 1 turns
On Death:
20% chance to Revive with 25% of this character’s Max Health
Apply Deathproof to Rocket Raccoon
Apply Defense Up to all allies
Apply Speed Up + Offense Up + Counter to GUARDIAN allies
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Groot Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Groot

Marvel Character Bio:

Groot’s abilities are all-all-natural and stem through the dendronic timber which enables up his whole body. The extraterrestrial bark he was born with makes him invulnerable to most projectiles and even fire. He can control all plant life via psychokinesis, absorbing it into his body and making himself stronger.

He can also lengthen his arms and legs and take vines from their website to cover around objects and enemies. Should something destroy his body, he can regenerate as long as fragments (i.e. twigs, leaves, etc.) remain. As long as they are properly replanted, they will grow into new Groots that retain all of his memories.

At complete level, he is able to reach 23 toes high and weigh up 8,000 lbs. Thanks to his super strength and knowledge of quasi-dimensional engineering, this Guardian is a formidable adversary for any Super Villain threatening the universe. Don’t let his lumbering gait fool you—he’s actually one of the cleverest of the Guardians.

While he can only say “I Am Groot,” Groot can express which means by diverse sighs and breezes beneath his terms, something that Maximus uncovered and relayed to Rocket. The reason for these three words is due to a genetic disorder of Groot’s people that cause the larynx to tighten, severely limiting his speech. Telepaths like Jean Grey of the X-Men are able to look into his mind and realize the full, vast intelligence that lies within.

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