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Graviton (Franklin Hall)

Name: Graviton (Franklin Hall)
MSFN Score: 85.83
Grade: Great
Where to Farm?: War Store
MSFN Thoughts: Graviton along with A.I.M. are one of my favorite and most effective teams, currently in Marvel Strike Force. Graviton is essential for the team to work as intended as he is the primary damage dealer. Due to his current availability, I do not recommend him to newer players. Currency for the War Store is better spent else where and is hard to come by. Not to mention the store is RNG based.

Tags: Villain, Global, Bio, Controller, Aim
In Game Bio: Graviton is an A.I.M. Controller who extends negative status effects on enemies.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityGravity Well
Attack primary target for 250% damage + Bonus attack for 100% damage per negative effect on the target.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityCrushing Force
Attack primary target and adjacent targets for 300% damage. Apply +2 Slow, up to a maximum of 5 to primary target and adjacent targets.
If Scientist Supreme is an ally, apply Bleed to primary target and adjacent targets.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilitySingularity
Attack primary target for 300% damage + 100% additional damage per negative effect + apply Stun.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityWeight of the World
When an enemy drops below 50% health, increase the duration of their negative effects by +1, up to a maximum of 5.
A.I.M. MINION allies gain +20% Damage.
A.I.M. MINION allies gain +20% Max Health.
In WAR, on Turn, reduce Speed Bar of the enemy with the highest Speed by -25%.
In WAR, when an enemy drops below 75% health, apply Disrupted.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Graviton Franklin Hall Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News -Graviton (Franklin Hall)

Marvel Character Bio:

Franklin Hall had been a scientist doing work at the exclusive physics investigation center in the Canadian Rockies with a practical teleportation product. During an experiment, Hal overloaded the power causing an explosion that intermingled his molecules with the sub-nuclear graviton particles that were being generated in a nearby series of companion particle accelerators. Recovering from the accident, Hall discovered that he could mentally control gravity.

A man of great aspirations, he designed a outfit, called himself Graviton, and required across the analysis center, raising it many a large number of feet to the sky.

Graviton unleashed sufficient capacity to result in the question of the atmosphere-borne lab to fall inward around him. The matter of the research center was infused with the atoms of his body for a time, giving his new 60-foot form a massive gravitational field. Eventually he as able to separate his organic atoms from the land mass he had merged with.

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