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Elsa Bloodstone

Name: Elsa Bloodstone
MSFN Score: 79.17
Grade: Fair
Where to Farm?: Premium Orb, Mega Orb
MSFN Thoughts: Elsa is a really fun blaster in Marvel Strike Force. She has cool guns and cool animations in the game. Like all damage dealers, she is very dependent on red stars. Elsa is currently not farm-able unless you are opening Premium and Mego Orbs. This farming method is not ideal. Due to this, I don’t recommend newer players spend resources on her.

Tags: Hero, Global, Mystic, Blaster, Supernatural, Covert
In Game Bio: Elsa Bloodstone is a monster-hunting aristocrat who powers up a Supernatural team.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityBloody Good Guns
Attack primary target for 45% Piercing + Bonus Attack 5 times for 45% Piercing.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityTrick Shot
Attack primary target for 300% damage.
Attack the most injured enemy for 350% damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityScatterguns
Gain Offense Up for 2 turns. Attack primary target and adjacent targets for 250% damage + 25% damage per SUPERNATURAL ally.
Level Required: 70
Passive Ability%@$!
On Miss or on ally miss, if this character has 3 or more SUPERNATURAL allies, attack that target for 270% damage.
On enemy dodge, attack that enemy for 270% damage.
Gain +10% Crit Chance. MYSTIC allies gain +10% Crit Chance.
Gain +20% Accuracy per SUPERNATURAL ally.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Elsa Bloodstone Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Elsa Bloodstone

Marvel Character Bio:

Stunning and feisty Elsa Bloodstone may be the daughter of renowned beast hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Following her parents’ breakup when she was two years old, Elsa accompanied her mother across Europe. Despite never knowing her father, Elsa remained curious about him. Though ignorant of her father’s career, she was plagued by dreams about vampires and other creatures of the night. Shortly after Elsa’s 18th birthday, Ulysses died and left his Boston home (the Bloodstone House) to Elsa and her pregnant mother, along with all of its contents, accumulated during his millennia of adventures.

Arriving in Boston, Elsa stumbled upon a number of exclusive individuals associated with her daddy: Charles Barnabus, a pureblood vampire attorney and executor of the residence the clerk Mr. Dluga, his teenage son Tomas and his vampire-hating grandfather Papa Dluga; and Adam, the caretaker of the house. Actually the Frankenstein Monster, Adam helped indoctrinate Elsa into her true heritage, offering her the mystic Bloodstone Choker which bonded with and empowered Elsa.

Adam also offered her other items from her father’s series, together with a mystic light fixture that contained a taken djinn (“genie”) and served as being an early on-alert detection process, glowing whenever a magical risk was productive worldwide. Using the lamp, Elsa encountered Dracula in Bosnia and later helped the Living Mummy defeat resurrected Egyptian necromancer Rakses. Elsa then became embroiled in a Nosferati vampire plot to infect Dracula, Barnabus and other pureblood vampires with a virus, turning them into an eternal source of nourishment for the Nosferati. Elsa confronted Nosferatu himself, her Bloodstone Choker destroying the vampire when he tried to bite her.

After those situations, Elsa and her mother got decided to keep at Bloodstone House, turning it into a interest shop work by her new mother while Elsa carries on checking out the family members vocation of monster seeking between university courses.

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