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Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)

Name: Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)
MSFN Score: 74.17
Grade: Mediocre
Where to Farm?: Arena Store
MSFN Thoughts: Daredevil is definitely a bruiser in Marvel Strike Force. He hits and hits hard. While he can be used on a Hero Brawler team, his place is with the Defenders. While still good, the Defenders aren’t quite as effective as they used to be which hurt Daredevil’s score a bit. Daredevil is great to use for newer players.

Tags: Hero, City, Bio, Brawler, Defender, MartialArtist
In Game Bio: A tough bruiser who delivers bonus attacks, chain attacks, and counterattacks.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityStrike Without Fear
Attack primary target for 270% damage.
50% chance to Bonus attack for 200% damage.
If target is VILLAIN, always Bonus attack.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityThrow Baton
Attack primary target for 200% damage + Chain to 2 targets within 2 spaces of previous target for 150% damage. Dodge breaks this Chain.
Apply 2 Counter to self and all DEFENDER allies.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityBrawl
Attack primary target for 400% damage + Chain to 4-6 adjacent targets for 240% damage.
Counterattack breaks this Chain.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityEnhance Senses
Self and DEFENDER allies gain +10% Speed. This is applied after any character has taken an action.
Gain +5% Dodge chance. Gain +5% Dodge chance per DEFENDER ally. Gain +10% Damage.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Daredevil Matthew Murdock Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)

Marvel Character Bio:

Blinded as being a child within an incident that left his other senses improved to amazing ranges, Matt Murdock fights relentlessly for your rules and then for justice, both as a crusading legal professional and as the difficult-striking costumed crimefighter known as Daredevil.

Compensating for the decline of his look at, Daredevil has four extremely gentleman feelings: tactile (truly feel) olfactory (smell) auditory (playing) and gustatory (personal preference). His fingertips can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page, allowing him to read by touch. And he can remember and identify any person he has spent at least five minutes with by scent alone, no matter how they attempt to mask the smell. Daredevil can also track an individual aroma through a crowd of people at a distance of roughly 50 feet.

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