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Corvus Glaive

Name: Corvus Glaive
MSFN Score: 86.67
Grade: Great
Where to Farm?: Currently Unavailable
MSFN Thoughts: Corvus Glaive and the Black Order have recently joined Marvel Strike Force. While not great on his own, together with the Black Order, this team just rekts nerds. I can punch up 100-200K on most any any team. Even in Arena against Meta teams, I am able to punch up over 100K which is absurd. Corvus Glaive has two essential T4 upgrades that I recommend doing in his basic and passive abilities. You want Corvus doing his basic a lot as it will call on Proxima for an assist. Highly recommended for end game players.

Tags: Villain, Cosmic, Skill, Brawler, BlackOrder
In Game Bio: Corvus Glaive uses Stealth and Piercing to infiltrate and eliminate the Black Order’s enemies.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityShadow Slash
Attack primary target for 180% Piercing + clear 2 positive effects. Gain an Assist from an ally Proxima Midnight.
This attack cannot be blocked. If Proxima Midnight is an ally, this attack cannot be dodged.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityBloodletting
Attack the most injured enemy for 400% Piercing, ignoring Taunt and Stealth.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityGrim Glaive
Attack primary target for 320% Piercing damage. During Stealth, this ability deals double damage against the primary target if they have Defense Up. Attack all adjacent targets for 240% Piercing.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityLoyal Lieutenant
On Spawn, gain Offense Up for 2 turns.
On ally Thanos Turn, if he doesn’t have the Mind Stone, grant him the Mind Stone + Offense Up for 2 turns. This character can only do this once per match.
When an enemy or this character drops below 50% Health, gain +1 Stealth up to a max of 2.
While in Stealth, gain +40% Crit Chance and +20% Crit Damage.
Gain +30% Damage. BLACK ORDER and Thanos allies gain +30% Damage.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Corvus Glaive Image 1
Marvel Strike Force News – Corvus Glaive

Marvel Character Bio:

Corvus Glaive will be the leader of an professional group of alien creatures gathered together by Thanos referred to as Black Purchase. He serves as the right-hand man of the Mad Titan himself. With his legendary namesake blade, Corvus’s ultimate goal is to acquire the Infinity Stones and return them to Thanos to reform the Infinity Gauntlet.

Correct to his brand, Corvus wields a mighty cosmic glaive that appears to be the original source of much of his energy. The blade’s edge is so sharp that it can cleave atoms in two. It can cut even the toughest skin, including the Hulk’s and Hyperion’s. As long as the glaive is not destroyed, Corvus can regenerate from any lethal attack, even one that reduces him to nearly nothing.

Because the combat standard for Thanos’ pushes, Corvus is actually a grasp strategist and tactician. He also possesses strength, endurance, and speed far beyond even the strongest human.


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