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Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter)

Name: Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter)
MSFN Score: 60.83
Grade: Poor
Where to Farm?: Heroes Assemble 2-6, Villains United 1-3
MSFN Thoughts: Mr. Poindexter is the very definition of a glass cannon. This has and always will be a poor character. His only claim to fame is with the new Mercenary team, and by Mercenary team I mean Taskmaster’s team. He’s useful on that team for War defense. Other then that, I wouldn’t invest resources into him.

Tags: Villain, City, Skill, Blaster, Mercenary, Covert
In Game Bio: A ruthless mercenary who takes down single targets with focused damage and perfect accuracy.

Character Abilities
Basic AbilityThrowing Knife
Attack primary target for 270% damage. This attack cannot miss (though it can be dodged). Gain +20% Crit chance for this attack.
Level Required: 65
Special AbilityCard Trick
Attack primary target for 230% damage and +25% Crit chance. 80% chance to gain a Bonus attack for 190% damage and +40% Crit chance.
Level Required: 68
Ultimate AbilityKill Shot
Attack primary target for 550% damage. Gain +30% Crit chance and +20% Crit damage for this attack.
Level Required: 70
Passive AbilityNever Miss
Gain +10% Accuracy. All allies gain +10% Accuracy.
Gain +10% Crit damage. MERCENARY allies gain +10% Crit damage.
On WAR DEFENSE, assist MERCENARY allies on non-attack abilities.
Level Required: 64
Marvel Strike Force News Bullseye Benjamin Poindexter Image 2
Marvel Strike Force News – Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter)

Marvel Character Bio:

A mercenary of secret, nothing is really recognized regarding the gentleman called Bullseye. Once, he was captured and interrogated in a highly secured U.S. prison, and he related many details about his early life, such as the time his brother set fire to their home in an attempt to kill their father. However, much of this information is suspect, as Bullseye then escaped, taunting his interrogators that much of what he said was false– especially the fact that it was not his brother who set fire to the house, it was himself. Bullseye proceeded to set fire to the prison, where his father was also held, and he left his father to die once more. (In a previous account of his childhood, he painted a bullseye on the forehead of his abusive father when he was passed out from drinking and shot him.)

Before his mercenary career, it’s been suggested that Bullseye tried his formidable putting together capabilities to become a Key League baseball gamer, but he was too selfish and sadistic for the. According to Bullseye himself, he grew bored and annoyed pitching a no-hitter, so, for the last pitch of the game, he threw the ball at the batter, killing him. Instead, Bullseye found his true calling as a special operative of the United States National Security Agency and, from there, a freelance assassin– a perfect career for someone who got so much pleasure from killing his enemies. He created his signature modus operandi of using thrown weapons during one of his first outings as a soldier– a guerilla fighter got the drop on him, and Bullseye’s weapon failed to shoot. He threw the gun instead, killing his assailant with his bayonet.

His early projects incorporated amount of time in Africa and Nicaragua, getting into turmoil using the Punisher, and functioning alongside fellow mercenary Deadpool.

Bullseye very first have got to notoriety with some extortion attempts and murder in New York, publicizing his antics by agreeing with an job interview together with the Daily Bugle. Bullseye fought and defeated Daredevil’s attempt to stop him, although the hero soon tracked him down and prevented Bullseye’s extortion schemes.

Bullseye was then hired to murder the attorney Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s top secret personal identity, but was conquered by Daredevil. In his own mind, Bullseye believed his formidable reputation was ruined, and he swore vengeance, fighting Daredevil at any opportunity in a personal vendetta that led him to hold a TV studio hostage, to kidnap the Black Widow, or simply by tracking him down. Each time, he was captured and given over to the police by Daredevil. At one point, Bullseye was declared insane due to a brain tumor, and he began hallucinating, seeing random people were actually Daredevil, and tried killing them all. The true Daredevil managed to defeat him, and the tumor was removed.

Afterwards, when pursuing an assignment to eliminate the Kingpin, Bullseye simply received a greater supply in the Kingpin and agreed upon to do business with him, as an alternative. However, after returning from yet another imprisonment by Daredevil, Bullseye was furious that the Kingpin had chosen Elektra as his assassin in the meantime. Bullseye killed her with nothing more than a playing card and her own sai weapon. Earning the enmity of Daredevil, Elektra’s lover, Bullseye fought the enraged hero high over the tops of New York City, and Bullseye was allowed to fall to his death by Daredevil. He did not die, however, his spine shattered, paralyzing him. With the help of a Japanese crime lord, Lord Dark Wind, Bullseye’s bones were laced with Adamantium in the hopes that Bullseye would freely serve Lord Dark Wind as his head assassin. Instead, Bullseye, now recovered, returned to New York to pursue his mercenary career. Before he could continue in the Kingpin’s employ, he had to first prove himself by fighting his former mercenary friend, Deadpool. The fight was close, but Bullseye was triumphant.

At some time, Daredevil still left The Big Apple for the extented time period, and Bullseye place on the Daredevil outfit themselves. He gleefully played the part of a hero while robbing the rich and giving to the poor. However, never a man quite sane, Bullseye began to believe himself to be the true Daredevil, and Matt Murdock adopted the Bullseye’s costume to confront him. Murdock won, and the defeat allowed Bullseye to return to his senses (relatively speaking, of course.)

Bullseye executed many careers for your Kingpin whilst going after a few other mercenary connections. One such contract brought him into conflict with the Punisher on behalf of Rosalie Carbone. Hired by Mysterio to kidnap a baby from Saint Maggie’s Church, Bullseye killed Karen Page, further earning the vengeance of Daredevil. When the news of Daredevil’s secret identity leaked to the media, Bullseye hoped to capitalize on the information and kill Daredevil both for his own satisfaction and to help the Kingpin’s struggling criminal empire. He targeted Murdock and his new girlfriend, Millie Donovan, but Daredevil snapped, beating Bullseye to a pulp and carving a bullseye pattern onto his forehead with a rock. Bullseye has a compulsive need to study his targets’ histories, abilities, and relationships before engaging them. As a result, he can anticipate his opponent’s every move. This compulsion however, often crosses from the professional into the personal, such as Bullseye’s obsession with Elektra.

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